Aniq Rahman

Uncharted Movie Poster Set

Here I produced some posters for the upcoming ‘Uncharted’ movie starring Tom Holland, coming out in 2021
Similar to my process with my ‘The Batman’ poster set, I tried out different styles. My first poster was the first vector drawing below showing Tom as Nathan Drake in his ‘Uncharted 4’ attire.

The first look at the video game movie adaptation was released back in October 2020 and I used it in the poster above. I used a map and blended it in with the image which pays homage to ‘The Nathan Drake Collection’, which is PS4 game bundle of the first 3 titles of the franchise. Since the first look shows he is wearing white clothing similar to ‘Uncharted 3’, I decided to change the first poster I produced and change the colour of his shirt, but also add the ring around his neck as the first look with Tom Holland shows this. I changed the background to a desert for the 2nd iteration to reference the main location of ‘Uncharted 3’.